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About Intended Vision

Intended Vision is made up of Carlos Smith and his passion for motion presentation. Originally from Greensboro, NC, Carlos grew up in his father’s residential roofing business and studied Interior Architecture at UNCG. Now living in Raleigh NC, he joins the art of graphic presentation with his knowledge of attractive story telling.

“Experiencing a story from any angle or altitude is something I explored in dreams as a child. Vivid dreams provide an entire lifetime of memories and visions in a rush of seconds. I present a business; its product, its process and that rush of confidence in the customer; that his/her vision will be accomplished. I imagine the questions the customer will ask and show the answers.” – Carlos Smith

The legal stuff

Operating a small Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) or a drone for commercial
purposes requires that the operator have a “Part 107 Certificate,” which is akin to a
driver’s license. This certification acknowledges that the pilot knows and will abide
by all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airspace laws, privacy and safety
concerns at all times. I have this certification and I always hold myself accountable
for operating in a safe manner and educating others around me about what I am
doing. This involves observing my surroundings, weather reports, and
my equipment for optimal conditions.

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